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We’re all in a relationship with food…and it’s complicated.

Worst Absurd blends dance, physical comedy, and a whole lot of kale, in a satirical exploration of our obsession with the F word. Witness this century’s great love affair and gorge on a theatrical feast of everything “delicious”.

Directed by: Claudia Marciano

Devised and Performed by: Sam Cornforth, Jenni Stewart, Hayley May Muirhead and Claudia Marciano

Upcoming dates:

Thursday 30th May 2019, 7.30pm at Poplar Union Theatre, London.

Supported by:

Original concept developed with: Lily Catalifo, Max Curtis, Calum Witney, Tamara Tooher, Cameron Chalmers, Hayley May Muirhead, Jon Hawkins, Dominic Blight.


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